The Zone 
is located on the northern outskirts of Arnhem. Where the landscape is diffuse; rare woods, fences, forgotten munition pillboxes, traces of a present past, nature which in fact is culture and nobody notices. The Zone is great but forgotten. The Zone shows us that the landscape has a different pace than we do. In The Zone the culture gets time to become nature.

The concepts of ‘time’ and ‘continuity’ are of great importance for the development of The Zone. Because today’s society is all about  achieving results in the short term we have lost the view of the continuity of life. Meanwhile, mankind is still part of the continuity of past, present and future. The Zone wants to draw attention to this continuity and imagination in the countryside in a concrete way.

The Zone has, like many (former) armaments, a highly covert nature, the fences, the obscureness by the young plantings, the presence of military buildings such as the munition pillboxes, traces of pavement. In short, there is a lot going on, but it is not immediately clear what.

The Zone is an area where visual art seduces the visitor to give consideration to experience of the landscape and continuity. The secrecy and hidden from the area can trigger people’s reflection.

The Zone is a project of Nutuur Foundation. In co-operation with ‘The Backyard of Arnhem, a project of CASA (Centre for Architecture and Urbanism Arnhem) lectures and guided walks are developed.

Foundation Veteranenlandgoed is administrator of the area in which The Zone is located. The foundation manages indefinitely land, owned by different governments. The purpose of the foundation is to create a publicly accessible nature. And in that area -along hiking trails and open spaces – to give the walker an impression / picture of the deployment of Dutch military veterans since 1939. Akkerland has become nature and bordered The Zone.

The Zone is funded by: 



Thanks to the board of Foundation Veteranen Landgoed Vrijland.


























































Thanks to the board of Foundation Veteranen Landgoed Vrijland