Stichting Nutuur deals with the relationship between man and nature. Through fine arts projects  Stichting Nutuur makes landscape changes visible for a wide audience. ‘Nutuur’ is an amalgamation of ‘nature’ and ‘culture’. Both concepts are often perceived as opposed while they mutually reinforcing each other. Nature does not really exist in the Netherlands; everything is   ‘nutuur ‘, a wonderful combination of cultural interventions which are by passing time expirienced nowadays as’ natural’ experience.
Stichting Nutuur is an initiative of Hans Jungerius and Rob Sweere.

Rob Sweere (president)
Hans Jungerius (secretary)
Kim Lokers (treasurer)

Comittee of Recommendation:
Monseigneur Philippe Bär - Monastère de l’Exaltation de la Sainte Croix te Chevetogne in Belgium.
Evert van Straaten – director Kröller Müller Museum.
Colonel out of service Helmut Geerlings – president Stichting Veteranen Landgoed Vrijland. Development Veteranenbos. is powered by wordpress
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